The revised Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) scheme was launched today following a short period of suspension. Applications are now being accepted for initial HSMP approval, and for extensions under this category. Extension applications will now be subject to the full new points-based assessment.

The new points criteria have been designed to better reflect the likelihood of migrants’ labour market success. The changes also bring the HSMP closer in line with Government’s aims for migration, including supporting an objective set by the IND Review (July 2006), to boost Britain’s economy by bringing the right skills to the UK from around the world.

The changes are designed to reflect the Government’s desire for “improved transparency and objectivity”. The operation of the new scheme is likely to influence the fine tuning of some aspects of the new five-tiered Points-Based System aimed for implementation by April 2009.

UK Work Permits Ltd’s HSMP points calculator was revised in line with the new system earlier in November, and remains available for those wishing to assess their own eligibily under the revised Highly Skilled Migrant Programme.