UK Work Permits Ltd issues an important warning to all clients and users of our website.

Fraudsters are using a URL of and have crudely copied the name, logo and main design work from the UK Work Permits Ltd genuine website, reproducing it at the address above in order to extract payments from unwitting victims. This website, and its operators, have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with UK Work Permits Ltd, and are operating purely for the purpose of fraudulently and deceitfully extracting payments from individuals.

It is believed that the rogue website is part of a scam which includes fake, well-paid job offers in the UK, which the fraudsters claim can only be taken up once the individual pays for the processing of their work permit. After the victim has paid they will slowly realise that the work permit, like the job, will never materialise. The UK Work Permits Ltd website has been crudely copied to make this scam more believable to potential victims. Users will notice that the telephone, fax, and email contact details (along with the URL) are very different on the rogue website. The matter is being investigated. In the meantime we strongly urge individuals to make no payments to the criminals who are operating the website.

If any person is concerned or unsure about which website is the official website for UK Work Permits Ltd, they should visit the website for the Office of The Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC – industry regulator): The website contains the correct details for all registered organisations, and these can be found using the “Adviser Finder” link.