The new Tier 1 (General) was launched today by the Border Agency, for individuals already in the UK seeking leave to remain in this category. The category, will replace the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (for in-country applicants) and from today leave to remain under the HSMP category will cease.

Tier 1 (”general” subcategory) will be based largely on the HSMP, and the main scoring areas of Age, Qualifications, Earning Power, and UK experience, will remain. The main differences will be as follows:

-The special MBA provision is being scrapped
-There will be a wider number of ways in which a person can meet the English Language Requirement (with 19 approved English Language tests)
-There will be a maintenance requirement meaning that an applicant needs to have a set amount of funds available (plus extra amounts for any dependents
-The previous two-stage application process has been replaced by a single application process.

The vast majority of people who qualified under the previous HSMP, will still qualify under the new Points Based System. UK Work Permits are continuing to offer both the full application service and our document checking service relating to the new PBS Tier 1.

Our website is being updated with a new Tier 1 PBS calculator and there is also other development work taking place, which is due to be completed within the next 1-2 weeks. We apologise for these technical delays, which are having no effect on the provision of service to our clients (this is continuing without interruption).