The Home Secretary, Theresa May has today announced that a temporary limit on the numbers of non-EEA nationals entering the UK will be introduced from Monday 19th July 2010. This temporary limit is designed to stop a supposed ‘rush’ of applications from those individuals eager to enter the UK before a permanent limit is introduced in April 2011.

At the moment, published information regarding this limit is sparse and inadequate. The UK Border Agency is yet to publish a full news article regarding the limit, so as of yet, many questions remain unanswered. The following information is fairly certain:

  1. The temporary limit will be introduced from Monday 19th July 2010;
  2. The limit will only apply to Tiers 1 and Tiers 2 of the Points Based System (it is unclear which subcategories of Tier 1 will be effected, although it is thought that the Tier 1 (General) scheme will be);
  3. The limit will not apply to the following categories:
    1. Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfers);
    2. Tier 2 (Ministers of Religion);
    3. Tier 2 (Sportspersons);
    4. Tier 4 (Student visas);
    5. The UK Border Agency will also amend the points allocation for the Tier 1 (General) scheme. It is likely that applicants will need to gain an extra 5 points in the main ‘attributes’ section.

There are of course many questions that are yet to be answered. Hopefully the UK Border Agency will be clarifying exactly how the Limit and other associated changes will be introduced over the next few days.

UK Work Permits Ltd will be providing updates as and when further information surfaces regarding these changes.