As of the 9th September 2010, the UK Border Agency has announced its intention to increase application fees for all those applying to visit, study, work, or stay in the UK.

These changes are likely to come in force in two stages in autumn 2010. For applications where the fees are set at a level below the cost of processing, the fees will rise on 1st October 2010. Where the fees are set at a level above the cost of processing, the fees are due to come into effect in November 2010.

The newly increased fees for the most popular categories of visas:

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain – Premium (Same Day) service: £1,250 (previously £1095);
    • Dependant: £350 (previously £154);
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain –  Postal service: £900 (previously £840);
    • Dependant: £250 (previously £129).
  • Tier 1 (General) – Premium (Same Day) service: £1150 (previously £1095);
    • Dependant: £300 (previously £154);
  • Tier 1 (General) – Postal service: £850 (previously £840);
    • Dependant: £250 (previously £129).
  • Tier 2 (General) – Premium (Same Day) service: £800 (previously £730);
    • Dependant: £200 (previously £118);
  • Tier 2 (General) – Postal service: £500 (previously £475);
    • Dependant: £150 (previously £92).

All of the above changes are likely to become effective in November 2010. For a comprehensive list of the fee rises and when they are due to rise, please click here. The exact dates of these increases will be published on the UK Border Agency website at a later date.

The UK Border Agency, in relation to this announcement, has said that it “has considered how best to meet budgetary pressures and [these] proposals……will help to offset some of these pressures.”

UK Work Permits’ consultancy fees will not be rising in line with these increases. We would suggest that individuals who currently qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain apply before these increases occur. In addition, UK Work Permits are currently offering reduced fees on ILR applications, and have Premium (Same-day) appointments available at short notice.