Monthly limit for out of country Tier 1 (General) applications reached for October 2010

Further to the introduction of a limit on the Tier 1 (General) scheme for highly skilled migrants, the UK Border Agency has announced that as of the 21st, the monthly limit for October 2010 has been reached. This limit only applies to applications made from outside of the UK, and it has now been confirmed that the limit stands at 600 applications a month.

We understand that this news means that this month, the 600th Tier 1 (General) visa has now been issued and that the UK Border Agency will not issue any further visas until the limit allocation restarts on the 1st November 2010.

Although this limit has now been reached it is still possible to submit an application for Tier 1 (General) during the closure period. During this time, it appears that applications will still be considered and a decision made. However, no visas will issued under this scheme until the limit re-opens on 1st November 2010.

For applicants currently awaiting a response to their outstanding application, the UK Border Agency has stated that there may be a short delay in issuing visas after the 1st November, but that it will proceed as quickly as possible.

For assistance and advice in making applications under the Tier 1 (General) scheme, please contact us.