Results of January 2011 UK Border Agency Panel Meeting

The UK Border Agency has recently published the results of its Panel Meeting from the beginning of January 2011. For an explanation of this process, please refer to our previous news article here.

This month, the UK Border Agency has awarded Tier 2 (General) Certificates of Sponsorship to requests for roles with a salary at or above the following:

For shortage occupation roles:                      £28,000 per annum

For non-shortage occupation roles:               £36,000 per annum

For several months prior to January 2011, the threshold salaries were set at £20,000 for shortage occupation roles and £32,000 for non shortage occupation roles. These new figures indicate that these thresholds are subject to change from month to month, and may well go down again for the two monthly panel meetings left before the permanent cap is introduced in April this year.

UK Work Permits would not discourage sponsors from submitting requests this month even if the request is for a role with a salary below the thresholds stated above. There is no fee for submitting a request, and if it is rejected, there is nothing to stop it being submitted the following month.

UK Work Permits is always happy to give free initial advice regarding the viability of requests for Certificates of Sponsorship, and the process of issuing those CoS once granted. If you would like to make a request or have any further queries, please contact us.