Demand for Premium Service (“Same Day”) appointments is at an all time high. Discounts are currently available for postal applications.

Following the announcement that Tier 1 General is due to be closed on 5th April 2011, a large number of potential applicants have sought to submit their applications through the Premium (same day) service.

As a result, at the time of writing, it is effectively impossible for any legal representative organisation, or individual, to obtain extra premium service appointments for Tier 1 General applications. All legal representatives appear to be in the same position: all same day appointments for these applications are fully booked until the 5th of April.

We are receiving large volumes of enquiries from concerned individuals who are desperate to obtain a same day appointment, and many individuals are understandably anxious and reluctant to admit defeat. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there simply are no extra same-day appointment slots available.

We anticipate that this situation will result in a very large number of Tier 1 (General) applications being submitted by post around the end of March (when large numbers of people eventually give up on the possibility of obtaining a same-day appointment), and that this will in turn lead to a significant backlog at the UK Border Agency, and long delays for applicants.

Individuals who apply soon however are likely to receive a much quicker response from the UK Border Agency than those who apply towards the closure date. To encourage individuals to apply before the peak of this backlog, we are currently offering discounted consultancy fees relating to postal applications. Our fees are currently as follows:

-£675 +Vat for employed applicants

-£765 +Vat for self employed applicants

These discounted fees will be on offer until we have reached capacity for applications to be submitted prior to the end of March. Given the number of enquiries we are receiving, we expect this to be relatively soon.

We recommend that those interested in gaining approval under Tier 1 General before the scheme is closed, contact us for a free initial assessment of their case. Anybody wishing to discuss the situation regarding Premium Service appointments is also welcome to contact one of our consultants