It has come to our attention that a new form of fake job offer scam has emerged. The scam operates as follows: Individuals are offered (fake) jobs in the UK, and are then asked to send their passports by international courier (often FedEx) to the London address of UK Work Permits Ltd. Correspondence is sent from a non-specific email address such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. UK Work Permits Ltd will only ever email from email addresses.

After the victim sends their passport, the scam artist will pretend to have received the package, and will ask for payment to be made (to themselves, not to UKWP), probably via Western Union, Moneygram,  money transfer or a similar service. After making payment, the victim will become aware that their passport and work permit have not materialised, and will complain to UK Work Permits Ltd. UK Work Permits Ltd will receive passports from unknown individuals (relating only to fake job offers and invalid cases) and are left to counsel the victim, and arrange the return of the person’s passports / travel documents.

Potential victims must note that: YOU SHOULD NEVER SEND YOUR PASSPORT OVERSEAS USING AN INTERNATIONAL COURIER. We would never ask anyone to do this.

If you have already sent your passports to us, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you arrange the return of your documents.