On 14th November 2011 the UK Border Agency introduced changes to the Shortage Occupation List. These changes are based on recommendations received from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) in relation to skills that are in shortage in the UK, or are no longer in shortage.

Positions on the Shortage Occupation List do not need to be advertised by the employer before a migrant worker can be employed, as there is an accepted shortage of resident workers able to fill these skilled roles.

These positions have been added to the Shortage Occupation List:

  • actuaries;
  • high integrity pipe welders;
  • environmental scientists; and
  • geochemists.


The following positions have been removed from the Shortage Occupation List:

  • secondary education biology teachers;
  • speech and language therapists;
  • pharmacists;
  • orthoptists;
  • veterinary surgeons; and
  • rank and file orchestral musicians.


Those positions that have been removed from the Shortage Occupation List will now be subject to the Resident Labour Market Test, i.e. they will need to be advertised to check that there is no resident worker who can fill the role.

Advertising must be carried out in line with the UK Border Agency’s guidelines, and appropriate evidence must be kept.

If you need help completing the Resident Labour Market Test, or with any other requirement, please contact us.