The UK Border Agency has announced that, subject to parliamentary approval, new application fees will be introduced from 6th April 2012.

Most fees have risen by two per cent, but there are some notable exceptions, with much larger increases for certain work-related visas, which are likely to affect our clients.

The UK Border Agency fee for a Tier 1 (General) application will increase by £500 for the main applicant and £250 for each dependant. The UKBA states that the fees for Tier 1 (General) have been increased in recognition of the benefits that Tier 1 (General) visa holders enjoy.

Tier 2 applications made from outside the UK will be subject to a fee increase of twenty per cent, making the Tier 2 fee £480 from 6th April 2012 (previously £400).

In general, the UK Border Agency plans to keep each in-country dependant fee at fifty per cent of the main applicant’s fee for now. In the long term, however, it is envisaged that dependants will have to pay the same fee as the main applicant (as is currently the case for applications made abroad).

If you may be eligible to make a UK visa application around April, you should take these fee changes into account when arranging your application/appointment. Applications made on or before 5th April 2012 will benefit from the current UK Border Agency fees. Applications made on or after 6th April 2012 will be subject to the UK Border Agency’s increased fees.

The full list of proposed fee can be found on the UK Border Agency website, here.

If you would like to find out whether you’d be eligible to make your application before the UK Border Agency fee increase on 6th April 2012, please contact us.