UK Work Permits is not part of the Home Office: the official body for visa applications in the UK, and is not affiliated with it. We are a leading consultancy specialising in UK immigration. If you would like to prepare and submit your UK immigration application yourself you can do so by visiting the Official UKVI website. The specialist legal services we offer cannot be obtained directly from the Home Office. To find out more about these services, please read our FAQs.

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If you have no current job offer

It is not possible for an individual to apply for his or her own UK work permit. An application can only be made by a UK business with an established physical and trading presence. As you do not yet have an offer of employment from such a business, we regret we cannot do anything for you at this stage in terms of a work permit application. If you are a highly skilled individual it may be that you still qualify to enter or remain in the UK as an individual through the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or Tier 1 (General) or other sub-categories of Tier 1 of the Points Based System. If you wish to gain a work permit but you have further questions regarding needing an employer, the information below may be useful.

We are not able to help you find a UK based company to sponsor your application for a UK work permit. Similarly, we do not help businesses to find staff. We do not operate as a recruitment consultancy/employment agency, and do not offer career or job seeking advice to individuals.

As an overseas candidate seeking a job offer in the UK, things can often be less than easy. There is more paperwork involved for a UK employer when recruiting someone from outside the EEA, which can serve as a disincentive to many UK based employers. This is how the work permit rules are designed, to safeguard opportunities for resident workers.

An employer is only likely to decide to recruit somebody who needs a work permit if and where it is necessary for the business, and if there is no resident worker who can fill the gap. Only the employer can make this decision; we do not have, and do not try to have, any influence over this decision.


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