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Intra Company Transfers

An Intra Company Transfer is a situation where an individual who currently works for an overseas branch, parent or subsidiary of a multinational organisation is to be sent to work in the UK organisation (and will be “sponsored” by that organisation).

Until 27th November 2008, Intra Company Transfer applications were dealt with as part of the work permit arrangements. However, any UK organisation now wishing to transfer an overseas employee to a UK branch needs to deal with the process through Tier 2 of the Points Based System. More information about the general features and requirements of tier 2, can be found on this website. Anybody wishing to discuss a particular situation or case is also free to contact us.

The most fundamental points regarding an Intra Company Transfer under the new arrangements are that:

  • The employer must hold a Sponsor’s Licence (covering Tier 2, Intra Company Transfers)
  • The employer / sponsor must then issue the Certificate of Sponsorship using the Sponsor Management System.
  • Once the Certificate of Sponsorship has been issued, it will remain for the individual to make an application for Entry Clearance under the Tier 2 of the Points Based System.

Applying for, and retaining, a Sponsor’s licence involves agreeing to significant responsibility (general compliance related responsibilities, and the responsibility for checking applications on behalf of the UK Border Agency).

If an employer needs to obtain a Sponsor’s Licence, they should contact us for more informatoin, or complete our online tier 2 Sponsor Licensing assessment form .

If an employer already holds a Sponsor’s Licence, but requires assistance with the issuing of Certificates of Sponsorship and administration of the Sponsor Management System, we can offer this assistance through one of our Service Packages.

Anybody who wishes to discuss a particular case or situation should feel free to contact us.

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